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Testimony by: Melveena R
January 2, 2018

For the past five years we had often come to Bonnyville to visit family. During that time we knew that we would be moving to Bonnyville so we decided to check out different churches to see which one would be the best fit for us. We didn’t have to go far or even to every church in town to know that Bonnyville Community Church (BCC) was going to be our home church.

When we finally moved to Bonnyville we didn’t hesitate to attend BCC. It just felt like home. There is actually a sign when you enter the parking lot that says “Welcome Home”. When we started attending BCC we were greeted warmly and other families truly cared about how we were doing and if we liked Bonnyville. One lady, Karla, had asked me almost every Sunday how I was and that it was good to see me. She really made me feel welcome. I don’t know if she knew how much she made me feel valued just by smiling and having kind words to say.

Our family has now made many friendships at BCC and we truly value those relationships. I recommend Bonnyville Community Church because it feels like home. Home to me is God’s presence, His love, His goodness.

 God is doing mighty things and I want to be apart of His good works.  Meeting to hear God’s word is so important and surrounding ourselves with other believers is very important in our walk of faith.

I encourage you to attend Bonnyville Community Church because… where two or more are gathered - God is in that place (Matthew 18:20). 

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