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Courts of Heaven
November 1, 2017
In our 9 week study of the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson...

Session 1- 
3 Dimentions of Prayer: Father, Friend & Judge

Session 2- 
The enemy can only do what he has been given a legal right to do.

Session 3-
Grace Attached to it. You will enjoy it, you will be good at it, you will have success doing it, you wil be able to make money doing it, the right people will bear whitness to you.

Session 4-
What's written in your book of destiny. Develope a prophectic ear.

Session 5-
Retrieving and unlocking your book. 2 reasons your families book has been sold out 1) No sense of destiny 2) your family line has given itself over. True worship, Timing, Tears of Intersession, Approaching the Court correctly. 

Session 6-
Curses are a result of hte enemy finding a legal right. A curse is used to weaken us so we can be defeated.

Session 7-Common landing places for curses. Innocent Bloodshed, repent for listening to anyones elses voice above God. God desperately wants to prosper you! Matthew 20:15. Covenate breaking allows curses to land. 2 Samuel 21. Sexual Sin 2 Samuel 12:11-14. Effects of sin can have big or little consiquences. David and Bathsheba. Secret sin can cause curses to land. 

Session 8- Common landing places for curses. Whereever there's honor, there's life. Curses don't stop until you make them stop (Deut. 28:35). Identify curses that may have landed upon you: Returning evil for good (Proverbs 17:13), Abusing Authority (Micha 2:4-7), The trauma of abusive authority, Not submitting to authority (Hebrews 13:17) and breaking word curses (2 Kings 2). Isaiah 54:17. Repent! Forgive! Speak off! Heaven speak my destiny! Isaiah 55.