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Testimony by: Lindsey C
December 1, 2017
This Girl
Written By: Lindsey Carmichael

As Long As I Have Knowen, This Girl Had To Fight, She Had To Even Fight To Come Into This World… The Story Goes That This Girl Had Lived In Her Mother For 4 Days Without The Amniotic Fluid Around Her… Well To My Knowledge; The Baby Is Normally Taken Out Within 24 Hrs Before Bactria Starts To Set In… With An “L” On Her Forehead; This Girl Made It Into This World One Way Or Another; She Was Bound And Determined To Be Here…
6 Years Had Passed; This Girl And Her Sister Decided It Would Be A GREAT Idea To Have A Water Fight In The House… As This Girl’s Mother Was A Hairdresser, There For Spray Bottles Is What They Used; Straight Shooting Each Other Until… That Moment… That Moment Every Parent Around The World Dreads; This Girl Slips On the Water And Her Head Ended Up On A Door Hinge… YES, Here Is This Girl, With Tears In Her Sister’s Eyes; Waiting For Their Mother To Get Home… This Girl Is Telling Her Sisters That EVERYTHING Is Fine\ It’ll Be Okay… This Girl Says These Things, Knowing That It Was The Truth… 27 Stitches In Her Head Is What This Girl Got… Now, You Don’t Think That Was All For This Girl… Did You…
Yes Some Time Had Passed Without ANY Real Life Threating Stories, But There Was One More That She Would Like To Share…
19 Years Old, Pregnant, And Scared… What Was This Girl To Do… No Money, No Home, This Girl Didn’t Even Have The Father To The Baby… She Felt Like She Had NO ONE… Well This Girl Did What Every Girl In Her Position Would Do… She Called Her MoM; Without A Hesitation Her Mother Went And Got Her Baby Girl… This Girl Lived Back At Home With Her Loving Parents, Went To School And Help Out Every Chance This Girl Could… Finally The Day Had Come; This Girl’s First Born SoN… As Faith Would Have It, Days Before This Girl Gave Birth, She Was Introduced To A Woman Unable To Have Any Children (Later Realized That This Woman Has Breast Cancer); This Girl Had A VERY Hard Decision, But This Girl Did What Felt Right To Her Not What She Wanted, But It Just Felt Right… Days After Giving The Woman This Girl’s First Born Son; This Girl Had A Seizures (Due To Overdose On Prescription Drugs, Keep In Mind This Girl Took The Right Amount; But Not Knowing That She Was Allergic To The Medication) In A Period Of Time, This Girl Had; I Believe To Be 8 Seizures Back To Back… If It Wasn’t For This Girl’s Grandfather Finding Her On The First Seizure; She Would Have Been Left And Lord Only Knows What Would Have Happened… This Girl Made It To The Doctors, Losing A Percentage Of Her Memory, She Went Home Having To Learn A Lot Of Things Over Again… This Girl Is Living Life With A Smile On Her Face Because You Know The Statement “Time Heals All Wounds” It Is True As Long As You Believe That There IS Someone A LOT Bigger Than You Helping You Out… This Girl Is A Living Proof That There Is Are Angels Out There For All Of Us; You Just Need To Believe… 
For That This Girl Is Me
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