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We are One Conference
April 5, 2018
This year is "We Are One" conference. The following is some breif notes about the conference.

Thursday night - 

Key Speaker: Sammy Robinson
- One touch from Jesus can change anything
- One touch from Heaven changes everything
- New shift this year
- Awaking hte harvest
- New covenant in the church
- Move in the spirit of generosity
- If you want to see true unity you must experience my fire
- God has a consuming fire of love
- Your break through is closer then you think
- Psalm 133:1-3
- Commanded blessing
- There is no defence for love #lovetests
- Operate in his perfect love
- Perfect love casts out all fear
- Releasing the oil and wine

Friday Morning-

Speaker: Rick:
- Matthew 5:28

Speaker: TJ Green: 
- Financial miracle
- Believe God for more then enough
- Believe Gof for seed
- God gives seed to the sower
- Ability to gain wealth

Key Speaker: Ivan Roman
- You can encounter Jesus anywhere
- When is the last time you encountered Jesus?
- Create a culture of hte supernatural (even in your family)
- The greatest move of God will come when the word and the spirit marry
- Exodus 13
- Moses to speak kindly to the rock and he does not 
- Ministers your work is to bring people into relationship with God
- We can all prophecy 
- We are the body
- We need the prophetic in the church
- Believe in the supernatural, believe in the power of God
- Dive into biblical grace
- Truly know the difference between grace and mercy
- Dead to sin
- Believe, believe who God says you are!

Friday night:

Key Speaker: Ivan Roman
- Samuel had influence in generation
- Redefine the word ministry
- Everyone is called to full time ministry
- Ministry is serving
- Ephesians 4:11
- 5 fold ministry
- Loving people in practical ways
- Equipping the saints!!
- We are in a time of revival and reformation
- Evangelists are called to the world, Apostle big thinker, Prophet hear God, Teacher uphold the word of God
- Jesus was the temple
- Whever we go we bring the temple
- Ezekiel 47
- You may not be able to stop a bird from flying by your head but you can stop it from making a nest in it
- Are you hungry for God??
- Humble yourself before the Lord or he will humble you
- If a brother or sister is struggling with something then here I am to walk with them
- Acts 15
- 1 John 4:4
- Whatsoever is born of God the evil one cannot tough him
- Romans 5:10
- Reconciliation by the death of his son
- Saved by life
- 1 Corinthians 15:31
- I am the resurrection and the life
- The Holy Spirit lives in me because of hte fruit of self control
- Jeremiah 31:31
- Hebrews 8
- You are in a new covenant, your heart is NOT wicked
- We are the rightousness of Christ in Christ Jesus
- Abundance of Grace
- Gift of rightousness
- He (Jeusus) is risen, don't come to the cross, come to the throne of grace
- What do you look like fully alive??
- We are a royal priesthood
- Zachariah 4
- Jesus does not remind us of our shortcomings we are called higher
- Come alive and live
- Kingdom of heaven: rightousness, peace and joy!!
- Heaven is filled with joy
- One of the ways you know you are walking with God is being full of joy
- Mobilize for the harvest
- The move of God is coming when you and I start moving
- Promise of awakening
- Called to be a revivalist
- "I'm so proud of you, go out and preach..."

Saturday Morning

Key Speaker: Jamie Galloway

-      We need thick skin and a soft heart to follow Jesus

-      Inside of you is a Christ anointing

-      The glory of God is the signature of his presence

-      Prophecy 

-      There is a message within the voice

-      Seer

-      God gives us eyes to see and ears to hear

-      Hebrews 13:2

-      Entertaining angels

-      Genesis 2

-      Genesis 1:26 image barriers

-      God made us in his image

-      On the seventh day God rested

-      We need rest

-      We rested with God

-      Rain works together with heaven coming down

-      Gods promise on your life

-      Rain, the earth and your existence

-      He created us in his image and likeness

-      God breathed the very breath of life

-      Worship is breathing our and breathing in

-      The reason why there is a shortage of increase because we have not sown 

-      The ground is not broken up

-      May God increase the harvest of your righteousness

-      The distance between where you are at and where you are going is harvest

-      Labour for the fruit that produces everlasting substance

-      First (talks about) rained in the bible in Noah

-      When he built the ark the water cane to it. 


-      What ark has God spoken to you about

Saturday Night –




Key Speaker: Jamie Galloway


-      God wants to release breakthrough in your life


-      God wants to release abundance into your life


-      The father desires for us to increase


-      God wants to increase us so that we are overflowing


-      It is not the place you are going it is the place you are growing


-      Blessings


-      Increase


-      Are theology of the enemy is that he opened a realm of influence to me


-      A good father wants their kids to surpass him


-      Greater works


-      The father wants us to be blessed


-      The father is not hesitate to share the light with us


-      Reformation of the fathers goodness


-      John 16:20-23


-      Your sorrow will be turned to joy


-      Some are pregnant in the spirit – you start to make space


-      Your joy, no one can take from you


-      My joy no one can take from me


-      There is JOY in the house of God


-      Your joy cannot be taken from you


-      Ask that your joy may be full


-      Full of joy


-      What are you asking for??


-      The Lord supernaturally provides


-      God wants you to be happy because he loves us


-      ($2k puppy/ word about house $100k savings) 


-      God loves a cheerful giver


-      A cheerful giver is a generous giver


-      Joy of giving coming back to the house of God


-      Blessing follows revival


-      We are advancing his kingdom when we give


-      You cannot out give God


-      Luke 10


-      You are going into places where God is about to go


-      God wants to pour a heavy rain where you are at


-      I will give you every place your soles (feet) reach


-      An inheritance of the earth


-      Revival begins at the heart


-      Luke 10 Jesus sends them out BEFORE they know how to pray


-      Luke 11 he tells them how to pray


-      I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me 


-      Open your mouth wide so I can fill it


-      Jesus cased out demons by the word


-      Caring the presence of God


-      What nation has God called you to


-      Verse 17 even demons are subject to you in Jesus name


-      Rejoice that your name was written in Heaven


-      How our names impact our destiny


-      Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven


-      A good name is to be remembered


-      Partner with God things


-      He is faithful and little will be given much


-      Psalms 133


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On Saturday, April 7, 2018, Rachelle said
So blessed to be a part of this conference! The worship is such a blessing and the speaking such an encouragement!


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